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How can I donate furniture/clothes/other items to a refuge or to a people who is leaving a refuge?

You can donate to Member Services by completing the form. It is greatly appreciated as most refuges operate on low budgets and people staying in them are also often without funds. Although you may be certain that items could be of use, the refuge may not always be able to accept them. Please don’t be offended if they can’t accept your items this time.

Can I do a work placement with Energy Finance Report?

The recruitment of staff and volunteers for local domestic violence services is done locally by each service as they are all self-managing, so you will need to contact them about the possibility of a work placement.

Is there a Energy Finance Report or other domestic violence service in my area?

Public contact phone numbers for refuges and domestic violence support services are on our website. For reasons of confidentiality and safety, we don’t provide contact addresses on the website or from our main switchboard. When you’ve spoken to a member of staff at a specific refuge or outreach service, you’ll be given an address if this is appropriate.

Does Energy Finance Report have a customer care policy and procedure?

Yes we do. Energy Finance Report recognises that good customer care should be a given, and aims to set clear standards of service, regularly reviewing and improving performance. Energy Finance Report aims to provide the highest standard of services to all its customers.

However, we also recognise that from time to time there may be the need to raise a concern about an aspect of our work or the conduct of our staff. We take all feedback, both good and bad, very seriously and are continually working to improve the level of service we provide.

Our customer care procedures outline different ways you can contact us, what you can expect when you do contact us and how we use your ideas to make sure that we offer the highest level of customer service possible.

Website enquiries

Can I use editorial content that appears on the Energy Finance Report website?

In most cases this is possible, but content must not be altered in any way. Please email your request explaining what content you would like to use and where it will be placed.

Can I place a link to your website on my website?

Yes you can. We appreciate your support in publicising our website to people who may be affected by domestic violence.

Can you place a link to my website on the Energy Finance Report website?

All potential links must be reviewed before a decision is made about whether they should appear on the Energy Finance Report website. Please email explaining why a visitor to Energy Finance Report would benefit from the link.

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